Life Insurance Policies

It is always a good time to plan and protect your loved ones. When you buy a home, you acquire large debts, marriage, a new member of the household, including divorces there are great changes in life, such as when you start your own business, for example Walt Disney used his life policy to withdraw money to keep his business in Even difficult moments, Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonald's chain, was also one of the many businessmen who used his life policy to keep his business from closing, consider taking out life insurance to plan his life and those you want. In those moments we can accompany you with our advice.

In Acano Insurance agency we will always be ready to guide you to find the policy term and the amount of coverage suitable for you and yours. We make it simple!

A life policy can ensure the payment of:

  • Mortgages
  • Business
  • Any type of debts
  • Savings fund
  • Your dream trip
  • University Enrollment
  • Loans for purchase of vehicles
  • The future of their children

Automobile Policies

At Acano Insurance agency, we know how important it is to get the right coverage at an affordable price. We are willing to support you so that you have the knowledge to watch, cover and thus protect your vehicle. Did you know that 85% of residents of the United States are not aware of how their car covers are divided they believe they have (Full Coverage) when this really does not exist, car covers are designed independently it is possible that you believe Be covered when you really are not, bring us your policy and we can review it and advise you on what are the coverages that you do not have and that you really need according to your lifestyle. Tell us that we have it!

Liability Coverage

This type of coverage is very important because it includes protection for damages that you or another person suffers, as well as damage to another's property in the event of a car accident.

Medical payment (Body Injury)

This coverage covers expenses related to medical or funeral services necessary for you and your passengers if an accident occurs.

Collision Coverage (Collision)

This coverage includes direct and accidental damage to your car caused by a collision.

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage protects you from direct and accidental damage to your vehicle, as well as your car accidents for a cause other than a collision with another car or object. For example, comprehensive coverage can contribute to the payment of damage caused by fire, wind, hail, theft and more.

Replacement Transportation (Car Rental)

If you have had an accident and your car needs repair, this coverage includes the payment of a rental car so you do not run out of transportation during the time the repair lasts or while buying a new one.

Trailer and labor (Road Services)

This coverage covers the costs of towing or cranes, locks, changing of rubbers, light mechanics, gasoline and labor up to the specified limits every time your car is disabled.

Home and Property Insurance Policies

We know that it is your home so that homeowners insurance options to protect their assets and the memories of their interior.

Here are our home insurance coverage options:

  • Property protection: This coverage offers protection against storms, fire, lightning, equipment or structural failures, falling objects, theft and vandalism.
  • Repair / replacement coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Coverage of high value items, such as jewelry, artwork and furs
  • Protection coverage of home systems and supply lines

Other type of coverage

  • Flood coverage due to blockage of sewer and sewer pipes.
  • Coverage of replacement costs for the contents of your home
  • Protection of credit cards, fraud and counterfeit money
  • Increase the limits of personal responsibility and medical payments
  • Protection for personal injury liability
  • Increase the limits of certain personal assets such as jewelry, silverware and furs
  • Special coverage of personal assets for most risks that affect the content of your home

Insurance Policies for rentals

With this type of insurance policy, you protect your personal property and personal responsibility against setbacks such as fire, theft, smoke, vandalism, injury to other people, etc.

However, it is an insurance (mandatory) when signing the rental agreement since the owners of the homes or residences do not cover the damages that you or your family can cause or the damages to your personal property, which should not be lost sight of that everything found within your home, such as furniture, clothing, sports equipment, electronic devices, works of art and more are yours. Rental insurance coverage extends to these types of items and would guarantee that your valuables are protected.

In addition, it legally protects you at the time of the demands of the homeowner and the neighbors, in case of having a visit, that you may suffer an injury or that you damage your property while the guest is in your home. Or your pet when hurting a visitor or stranger. (Did you know that your liability coverage covers you and your family members, it is not only at home in everyday life) ask us more and we will explain how.