Commercial Insurance Policies

The commercial insurance policies of Acano Insurance Agency allow you to adequately insure and protect your assets, your business vehicles, the physical exposures of your employees during your work hours and on the way to your work and thus cover any type of claim for any reason. Negligence that can cause you to lose your business assets. We have extensive experience advising large companies and entrepreneurs in their local businesses who are aware of the importance of protecting their assets. Let us give you our personal advice so that you have the widest range of protection and coverage that only an independent agent can offer.

What we offer

Commercial Car

Protect your specialized vehicles for work including the tools you carry in them against accidents, nature events and theft. Give us third parties that may cause the driver's negligence and thus avoid millions in medical claims and bills.


We support contractors to protect themselves from unforeseen events and circumstances. In your work or in any work that you and your employees are working covering all responsibility for damages that may be caused in the work or place where you undertake your work.

Overall responsibility

We specialize in advising you to have a general protection and additional coverage for large projects. From One Million to the unimaginable, we can cover this excess with your business policy for greater demands, even for personnel. Millions of dollars can cause an accident on medical bills and you would not have to pay (0) with this coverage because there is some negligence on your part, on behalf of a family member or your employees.